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With such a large selection of bathroom cabinets and bathroom countertops, it is easy to become overwhelmed, but take a deep breath and follow these recommendations to make the job of designing your new bathroom easier.


Once you are set on a style for your new bathroom, start by deciding on a budget. Next, decide how you use the space in your bathroom and the type/size of storage you need so you can decide the best configuration your bathroom cabinets. Finally, choose the materials and look for your cabinetry. Are you going for a classic or modern look? Once you’ve chosen the cabinetry, the countertop is next!


Luckily, bathroom countertops don’t need to be as functional and durable as kitchen countertops, giving you more room to make your choice based on style and design. You should still keep price and maintenance in mind to make sure you are choosing a quality product that will last. On the other hand, though bathroom countertops may be easier to choose than bathroom cabinets, you must be careful to choose the right look and style since the countertop is the focal point as well as the connecting point between the cabinetry and the walls. You want to make sure that all elements flow seamlessly.


If you find that you are having a hard time figuring out cabinetry layout or the overall design of your bathroom, your bathroom remodeling contractor can help design your new bathroom according to your wants, needs and budget so you can just enjoy watching your dream bathroom become a reality.

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