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Living Large in Small Spaces

For many years, the American dream seemed to focus on the idea that bigger is better. We wanted bigger cars, bigger homes, and lots of space for all o…

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Construction Trends Today

In past years giant bedrooms, hot tubs, or textured walls were all the rage, but today’s construction trends are heading in new directions. Here are a…

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Ideas to Save Money on a New Roof

A new roof? That wasn’t in the budget. Unexpected expenses like these are a necessary evil for homeowners. Although many households would rather spend…

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Benefits of Blow in Insulation

Many of us have seen the old fashioned pink insulation that lines the insides of our walls. But now there are lots of alternatives to that old itchy p…

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How to Tell if the Front of Your House Needs Painting

Whether or not you are planning to sell your home, curb appeal is the most important asset your home can have. While you may have a new air conditioni…

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How Has Eco Construction Evolved?

Back in the day, all construction was sustainable and eco-friendly. Our ancestors used natural materials because that was all there was. Eco construct…

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