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Wool Carpeting: Luxurious and Reliable

So many individuals are looking to remodel their homes the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Just about everyone is aware of how important recycle and reuse is to the environment and the continuing of the planet as a whole.

Without everyone contributing to the safety of the environment, going green will be futile. Going green throughout your home takes more than just a plastic recycle pail. It takes initiative and creativity. Why not look into smaller remodeling projects within your home to begin.

There are many ways to go green when it comes to carpeting; however, one of the most luxurious and reliable is wool carpeting.

Wool carpeting offers so many benefits for you, your family, and the environment.

Healthy Choices

We all want to make healthy choices when it comes to what goes inside our bodies; however, what about what goes inside our homes, as well. Healthy choices mean making all natural choices. Wool carpeting is one of those choices.

Wool carpeting can be biodegradable, sustainable, and one hundred percent all natural, as well. What a healthy choice for your family. Not only is wool carpeting an excellent choice for your family, it is also a wonderful choice for the environment.

Good Looks

Wool carpeting not only makes for a healthy choice for family and environment, it also adds beauty, warmth, elegance, and grace to any room.

Wool carpeting is so luxurious; it will speak elegance as soon as someone enters your home. Your family and guests will want to revel in its splendor as they walk barefoot or sit atop the luxury good looks of your new wool carpeting.

With many options to choose from such as jute backing and undyed wool, you are sure to find a style that you are more than comfortable to enjoy.


While wool carpeting is luxurious and elegant, it is not a high-maintenance product. Wool carpeting is fairly easy to vacuum and to wash and clean. Just follow the manufacturer’s suggestions and use the proper setting on your vacuum. When it comes to shampooing, be sure to have a lengthy discussion with your wool carpet provider and make certain that you follow instructions and use products that specify that they are wool safe.

All Natural

While undyed wool is natural to begin with, backing for your all wool carpet is available in natural choices, as well. Jute, hemp, cotton, and rubber are all choices for backing to your new carpet that you will feel comfortable to enjoy.

These are just a few reasons why wool carpeting may be the perfectly luxurious and all-natural choice for you and your family when it comes to your carpeting needs.

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