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Wood Finishing to Protect Windows and Doors

If you are in the final stages of a remodeling project and are ready to put the finishing touches on your new windows and doors, wood finishing is the way to go to protect those windows and doors.

Traditionally, oil finishes that penetrate the wood are your best choice to protect those windows and doorframes, as well. Framing your windows and doors with wood finishing and then coating those wood frames will beautify and protect your windows, doors, and frames.

Areas around windows and doors that are not protected by wood finishing tend to be more susceptible to decay. Framing with wood finishing around windows and doors adds an extra layer of protection. Doors and windows are exposed to condensation from the temperature inside and the temperature outside. Combing those two differences in temperature may result in condensation, mold, mildew, and leakage.

Wood finishing protects doors and windows in this way. While it is important to protect doors and windows from these elements, it is also important to protect the wood finishing around those doors and frames, as well.

Inspection of Existing Wood Finishes

If you already have wood finishing around your windows and doors, it is important to inspect them periodically. Periodic inspection will alleviate problems in the future. Start by going around your home and doing a visual inspection. If the wood seems splintered, rotting, or dry, then it is definitely time to maintain.

You can also try spraying a little bit of water and if the wood soaks up the water and does not bead up, then you are certain that your wood finishing needs some tender loving care.

Maintaining your Wood Finishes

Regardless of whether or not your wood framing around your windows and doors is on the exterior or on the interior, proper maintenance is important. Without proper maintenance, your wood finishes will look weathered and worn and will not serve their purpose. The purpose of wood finishing around your interior and exterior doors and windows is to keep the elements and moisture out while protecting exterior and interior walls.

How to Preserve Your Wood Finishing to Protect Doors and Windows

There are several ways to protect your wood finishing so that this wood finishing will protect your doors and windows.

Traditional oil finishes seep deep into the body of the wood to protect wood at its core. Several coats are necessary in order to properly protect wood. Protecting with oil feeds the thirsty wood alleviating cracks, chips, and rot.

Flat finishes such as paint or varnish offer a topcoat protection for your wood products. While this will give a shiny, new finish, these finishes will wear and tear showing cracks and peeling at the top level.

Depending on whether your wood finishing is interior or exterior will determine what type of finishing to use.

Either way, it is important to keep your wood finishing protected and maintained so that your windows and doors will also be protected and maintained.

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