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Ways to Save Money When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Depending on your choices, remodeling your kitchen can cost up to $50,000. Price tags like that can leave homeowners discouraged, but there are still lots of ways to bring that price down. Here are some suggestions from the experts.

First – were you thinking about changing the size of your kitchen? If you can stick to the original floor plan, this will save you significant money. You won’t need to knock down or build new walls, for one thing. Also, changing the size of a room can lead to costly electrical and plumbing issues that you may not have considered. See what you can do to stay within the original footprint of your original kitchen and you can save a bundle.

Second: the contractor. Some people really want a contractor to do work on every aspect of their remodel and that’s ok. Just keep in mind that you should ask around for good recommendations, get several bids, and once you think you’ve found someone check their schedule – if it’s no skin off your nose to schedule the work to be done off season, the contractor may be able to give you a discount.

Speaking of discounts, negotiate whenever possible. See if you can bring down the price on contract work, then go for the appliances. Many people who ask for a discount on their appliances are able to save around $100 per item. You can also save money on appliances by choosing standard sized items instead of industrial sized. When you’re buying a new stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, that can add up. Finally there are the materials: can you get used or recycled materials for less?

Next: what can you do on your own? Some people are comfortable with demolishing their old kitchens. In fact, it requires little skill and can help vent that anger after a hard week at work. But maybe you can lay the new flooring, or the tiles for the backsplash. Anything you can do on your own will save money in the long run. And remember that you may be able to sell your old appliances online to someone else who is looking to save money.

Other ideas: Some appliances will give back an energy rebate. And just as you may be selling an old stove on Craig’s List, someone else may have ended up with too much tile or backsplash materials and you can pick up a bargain.

One big place to save money is on your kitchen counter. If you’re really set on an expensive material such as marble, remember that you can get it a little thinner and still have the same look for much less. But there are lots of materials that look great but cost a lot less than marble countertops. Consider all your options before you make your move. Laminate is the least expensive counter material and comes in a variety of styles.

Finally remember that you don’t need to replace everything. Your floors might be just great, or maybe your appliances are relatively new but you just want to change your cabinets. Many people find that a great way to save money is to simply paint cabinet doors to change the look of their kitchens, or instead of replacing the entire cabinet, consider replacing just the doors.

With a little thought into ways to save money, you can have a great looking kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Consider what you can do and the possibilities are endless.

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