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Tips For Selecting Sliding Doors

If you are remodeling your home and in the market for new sliding doors, there are some things to keep in mind before you go out and purchase them.

Sliding doors come in many styles, varieties, and price points. A set of sliding doors is not just a simple way to get in or out from your patio or backyard. Sliding doors for today’s homeowners make a statement in style and efficiency, as well.

There are Many Styles of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors used to typically come with aluminum frames, and these are priced on the lower end of the sliding door spectrum. You can purchase a single part aluminum frame or a double constructed aluminum frame. The difference in these two basic frames are whether or not you may get condensation in between the panels during colder weather months. Typically, the double constructed (two-piece) aluminum frame will offer you a better choice for avoiding that condensation.

Patio doors are also made out of wood. Wood Sliding doors can be very expensive and sometimes need to be custom ordered. If you are remodeling and cost is no object, then a good solid wood framed set of sliding doors is a perfect solution for both style and comfort.

Sliding doors with an aluminum underbelly and a decorate wood outer layer may be the middle ground that you are searching for in purchasing your new doors. The aluminum undercoating makes for a less expensive door, while the outer layer of wood covering gives an attractive look. No one will ever know that you have decorated your patio with doors that are not one hundred percent wood.

What to Look for in Glass for Your Sliding Doors

You can purchase your new sliding doors with either a single pane or double pane glass. These days it is more common to find double paned glass sliding doors because they offer more security and comfort, as well. Double paned glass also offer the option of being tempered. Tempered glass will not shatter all over the place should it break. These types of doors are safer and more secure.

Glass for your sliding doors also comes in a variety of energy efficient ideas for saving heat, cooling, and energy for your home. When it comes to replacing your sliding doors, you want to look at the energy efficiency ratings on the door. In this way, you can save money as an end result, as well.

Decorative Items for Your Sliding Doors

Last but certainly not least is the option of choosing your hardware. Of course, you want to choose hardware that is safest for your family to protect them. Moreover, though you can choose between many decorative options from hardware hinges to door handles.

Choosing the safest and most decorative hardware is not only fun but also a win/win situation all around.

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