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Small Drips Lead to Big Damage

Homeownership is an interesting concept. There are times where you cannot wait to come home, and then there are times when you throw your hands up in the air and ask why you wanted to own a home in the first place.

Just like anything else, homeownership has its ups and downs. The best way to view homeownership and all that it comes with is to be as proactive as you possibly can in all areas of home repair. In this way, you are able to ward off problems before they become catastrophes. This especially applies to the safety and usage of water in your home.

If you have a small drip and have the urge to let it go for just another day – think again. Small drips can lead to big damage. The old adage that small things come in big packages, unfortunately, does apply to water leaks.

You may have the gut instinct to just disregard that tiny little drip because, after all, it is just a tiny little drip. However, that tiny little drip is really trying to shout big things at you. It is trying to tell you that there may be an underlying problem or, even worse, a bigger problem heading into your future.

If you have a small leak in your faucet and you let it go, this could lead to a bigger problem. One day, at the most inopportune time, that small leak could turn into a major flood. Of course, you can turn the valve, shut the water and wait and wait, and wait for the plumber. However, if your pipes burst during your first ever dinner party for your future mother-in-law, it will not be that easy.

Another way a small drip can lead to a bigger problem is if you have a leaky roof. You may have noticed a drip down your bathroom wall, but only when it rains. You figure that it can wait – until one day when it rains really hard and for too long. Now, you are faced with part of your ceiling caving in the bathroom, water flooding down and damaging your medicine cabinet, the existing wall, and possibly even the floor.

Another unfortunate hazard that comes with water damage is that of mold. If you have a small leak that does not get attended to, you run the risk of having mold develop. Mold can destroy anything in its path, but even worse, it can case serious health hazards. Mold inside your walls or under the floor is extremely hazardous to your health. Not only that, it is costly and time-consuming to repair. It is better to repair any leaks as soon as possible rather than to take a wait-and-see approach.

A small leak is like a small physical symptom to your body. You may start out with an ache or pain once in a while and that may turn into something more serious that you need to go to the doctor. Just as you would with your health take precautions and utilize preventative medicine, your home works much in the same way.

It is always best to take precautions when you see a small leak – investigate it and repair it as soon as possible. You never know when you might take a vacation and come home to a basement full of water, and it all started with a small leak.

Water damage is costly, time-consuming, and could also be a health issue. Moreover, water can damage items that money cannot replace, such as old photos.

If you have a small leak, repair it right away so it does not turn into a big problem.

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