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Save Money on Home Renovations

It’s not uncommon to want to make changes to your home. It should, after all, be a place where you feel comfortable and supported. And your home is often an extension of your personality and lifestyle. These changes can mean costly renovations. While most renovations do result in an increase in your home’s value, it still makes sense to save money wherever possible. The following tips and ideas will help you save money on your home renovations.

Do You Really Need “New”?

As the trend for recycling continues to increase in popularity, you can find amazing items in stores that specialize in reclaimed items. From refurbished bathtubs to barn doors, you can likely find unique items that fit your budget and your design tastes.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Most people hesitate to negotiate. They’re afraid of the word “no.” However, if you’re purchasing a high volume of material like lumber or tile, or you’re buying a specialized piece, don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price or a better deal. Many big box stores will price match as well so if you find the item you want for a cheaper price elsewhere, simply show the sales person the price you found and they’ll match it, no questions. You could end up saving thousands over the course of a large renovation project.

Hire Specialists for the Right Things

There are many aspects of a home renovation project that you can do yourself. You can paint the walls yourself and you may even be able to lay tile or wallpaper. However, if you’re redoing any electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry you may want to hire a professional. They can get the work done in less time and it’ll be easier to get the right permits.

Be Sales Tax Savvy

Each state and city has their own sales tax laws. When you’re spending thousands of dollars, that sales tax can add up. This is one of the reasons many people shop online. And while you can shop online for many of your home renovation products, you can also shop for materials in communities with a lower sales tax.

Small Changes can Reap Big Results

It’s easy to get carried away with home renovation projects. However it’s also important to remember that small changes like paint and flooring often have the biggest impact. Tearing down walls and ripping out cabinets may not be necessary. A simple coat of paint and a polished floor can make a significant difference.

Home renovations can be extremely expensive. Create a budget before you begin planning your renovation. Explore options to save and cut back wherever possible.

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