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Resurface your Patio with Concrete

For concrete jobs, it’s important to know that concrete doesn’t dry but cures. Be sure that the area can be roped off and not used for a time until it is ready for use.

Begin by preparing the area for the application of concrete. With any concrete job, border the area with a wooden outline. This prevents spillage and also a smooth application process.

Dig a trench about 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep around your patio. Use 2x4 pieces of wood to form a framework around the patio. They don’t need to be flush at the surface. In fact, it is best if the lumber is about one or two inches above the surface of the patio. Brace the framework against the patio with stakes placed outside the 2x4 lumber. Secure the stakes to the wood. Use a leveler to ensure that your framework is level.

If any control joints are present mark them with stakes and flags so you can recreate them in the new pouring of concrete. Driveways often have them more so than patios especially smaller ones.

Clean the surface of the patio. Use a small brush to remove as much dirt and debris as you can from the patio before applying anything to it. A layer of bonding adhesive facilitates an easier application of the new concrete with the old. For ease of application during concrete jobs, use a paint roller on a long handle to apply the adhesive evenly and quickly across the existing concrete patio slab.

Mix your concrete completely before applying it. Pour enough concrete mix to fill the entire framework you have set around your patio. In a circular motion help smooth the surface. Work in circular motions. A board laid across the framework can be used to smooth out the concrete just poured.

Look for water floating to the surface. It is time to finish smoothing and cut any control joints in the surface. Now, simply wait for the concrete to cure before doing anything else in this area.

Can you resurface a patio with concrete in a weekend? Yes, you can.

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