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Ideas for Eco-Conscious Landscaping

If you are like most individuals, you cannot wait for springtime to roll around and get out there close to nature. Even if you do not necessarily have a green thumb, you can still enjoy landscaping your home.

Whether you hire a professional or are a do it yourself pro, you may want to consider eco-conscious landscaping. What makes eco-conscious landscaping different from traditional landscaping? Well, eco-conscious landscaping takes a wholehearted approach in protecting the environment while making it enjoyable for the homeowners, as well.

With eco-conscious landscaping there are many benefits. For example, you get to save and protect the environment and save money as well. Did you know that it costs quite a bit more money to water an entire back lawn than just a small square space? You probably have not even realized this if you have been watering your back lawn in the traditional manner utilizing the hose or a sprinkler system. You will be pleasantly surprised when you recognize the money you save when you go eco-conscious.

One of the ways to save water and money while saving the environment is to install a drip irrigation system in your garden, if you have one. Chances are if you are eco-conscious you already have or plan to create a vegetable garden.

Well, a drip irrigation system is one where a steady drip of water over a long period of time is given to the plants as close to the root as possible. In this manner, you will not have a steady stream of water from traditional sprinklers, will avoid flooding, and run off as well.

Another great way to save water when landscaping is to utilize a rain barrel. Simply align the rain barrel up with your gutter pipes and let the water drain into the rain barrel. When it comes time to water your plants, simply fill up a watering can with rainwater and water your hanging baskets.

You can also think of so many creative ways to place cement, stamped concrete, or brick pavers where you would have traditionally put grass. Removing as much grass as possible is a great way to save money. Besides, these beautiful concrete and brick patios look wonderful and are easy to maintain. There are also many forms and types of eco conscious patios you could pursue as well.

Creating a wood deck or seating using refurbished or repurposed wood is another great way to utilize salvaged wood and create an amazing space while being eco-conscious in your landscape design.

Look at what types of plants you will use and the condition of the soil as well. If you have plants that are native to your area and need little maintenance and little water, that is a win win situation
for you and the environment. Keeping soil moist will require less water in the long run.

So, these are just a few ways you can go eco-conscious in your landscaping. Moreover, you will not even recognize that you have done anything much different, but you will have made a difference to the environment.

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