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How to Choose the Right Bathtub

You’re remodeling your bathroom and it’s time to decide what type of bathtub installation you want. There are actually many different types of tubs to consider. Finding the right tub for you can mean a perfect bathroom, one that’s both visually appealing and fully functional.

The right bathtub has to first meet your space limitations. If you don’t have any space limitations, then great – you can install whatever tub you’d like. However, most people have a few restrictions to consider. And while a good bathroom contractor can change the layout of your bathroom, they often cannot create space where it doesn’t exist. Consider the following space requirements:

Small spaces – Consider either an alcove tub which fits nicely against three walls, or a free standing tub which can be positioned optimally. You can also position baskets and storage under and around some freestanding tubs. If you’re tight on space that might be a good option. However, if you dislike clutter or exposed storage then an alcove bathtub might fit nicely with your design aesthetic.

Larger spaces – If you have a larger space you might want to consider a platform bathtub installation. With this type of tub you drop it into a wooden platform, like a deck. It’s extra supportive which means you can install hot tubs and jetted tubs without a problem. If you have visions of yourself lounging in a giant bathtub this may be ideal for you.

Shape and Purpose
What are you going to use your bathtub for? For example, do you need a utilitarian tub that you can wash dogs and children in? Or do you want a soaking tub and a place where you can relax undisturbed?

Soaking tubs and whirlpool or jetted tubs are ideal for relaxing and creating a luxurious atmosphere. Traditional tubs and walk in tubs can make your bathroom a safe and fully functional place.

Finally, consider the material you want your tub to be made from. For example, claw-footed free standing tubs are often made from cast iron or porcelain on steel. Both of these types of tubs can be extremely heavy and may need extra floor supports to be safe. Acrylic tubs are easy to find at your local hardware store and are budget friendly. They’re also easy to clean. For a slightly higher end look and feel you might prefer a composite tub.

The key to a successful bathtub installation, is to determine your priorities. What is your budget? How much space to you have to work with? And what type of tub will help you achieve your goals and needs for your new bathroom space?

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