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Home Additions That are Sure to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you are considering remodeling for your own pleasure or to place your home up for sale, certain home additions are a wise investment no matter the reason. There are several things to look for when considering adding value to your home. Some home improvements may actually wind up costing you money while others will increase the value tremendously.

Curb Appeal

The well-known and loved term of curb appeal is perhaps one of the best investments to make to add value to your home. You will be amazed at how some pretty flowers, statues, and a fresh coat of paint will add value to your home.

Of course, it is always about the bottom line. If you are smart, you can browse garage and estate sales and find outdoor patio furniture, porch rocking chairs, planters, and birdbaths galore. Try to shop sales where an elderly person or an empty nester is downsizing. These homeowners typically want to sell their beloved items rather than leave them to chance to a new homeowner.

These items are easy to refurbish with a little paint and some flowers. Another wonderful idea is to have your house painted by a professional. It may seem extravagant, but when you see the return on your investment, you will be happy that you did. A pale yellow or an unusual shade of neutral tan will go a long way in upping your home’s curb appeal.

The Kitchen

Whoever said the kitchen is the hub of activity was correct. If you have an enticing kitchen that is spacious and unique, your home will have much-needed added value. If your kitchen is smaller, try getting rid of as much clutter as possible. Store pots and pans inside the cabinets; put appliances away in a cupboard.

You can also remodel your kitchen by refacing your cabinets. This is a less expensive way to achieve a brand new look. If you have the funds and can find a reliable licensed and insured contractor, take a look to see if there is wall that can come down or even a half wall design to open up your kitchen.

Something as simple as installing a skylight can make a smaller kitchen look bigger.

The Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next best place to remodel to add value to your home. Everyone loves to come home to a nice relaxing shower or a soothing bath. If your tub is old and your tiles need scrubbing or, worse yet, are falling down daily, it is time to consider a new bathroom remodel.

While you may think that a new homeowner is going to redo the bathroom anyhow, this may be the furthers from the truth. A new homeowner will be delighted that he or she will not have to remodel a bathroom and will not mind paying a little extra. They may envision themselves in that Jacuzzi bathtub to boot.

When you remodel a bathroom or a kitchen, your home automatically goes up in value. You can never lose with an exterior curb appeal, kitchen, or bathroom remodel.

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