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Top Green Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Which are the most important things to consider when having a green remodeling project? From saving water to ventilation and eco-friendly materials, there are many options to choose from. Check out these top green remodeling bathroom tips.


1. When having a bathroom remodel project the most important thing to consider is saving water. Installing a water-saving bathroom fixtures is very important step of this bathroom remodel project. Have your bathroom remodepng contractor start by an installation of low-flow faucets. Also, fixing a leak as soon as you spot one can save as much as 300 gallons of water every day. Installing a grey-water system (grey water is the left over water from washing machines, baths and shower): this system collects the water from the shower and sink and feeds the toilet and garden.

2. In order to enjoy your new remodeled bathroom, installing a window is an important part of the bathroom remodeling project. Having windows in the bathroom will let natural light in, your bathroom will have enough ventilation and of course you will get to enjoy the view. Also, in order to enjoy the bathroom space put the toilets in a different location. So one person can use the shower/sink and the other one can use the toilets.

3. Have your bathroom remodel contractor install a better, saving water toile such one of those dual-flush mechanism or low-volume toilet.

4. Change the existing system; it’s a shame to use drinking water for flushing waste (where it becomes “black water”) that contaminates the “grey water”, which now can’t be reused).

5. When choosing the right sink for your bathroom remodel, there are many options that may fit your needs. The vanity height should allow you to stand up straight while you wash your hands. Materials and layout should also be considered: recycled and eco materials, such as non-toxic cement would be the best options.

6. An installation of heat recovery ventilation is very important; it will prevent mold and mildew. It will ensure a constant flow of air and the removal of excess humidity.

7. Installing a shower instead of a tub will save a lot of water. Shower stall will also prevent you from spping. Have a fiberglass shower instead of tiled one, it will be easier for you to keep it clean, thus, saving water in the cleaning process as well.

8. Install non-spp tiles in your new remodeled bathroom. Having a floor drain will take away excess water.

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