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Fall Home Improvement Projects

The leaves start to fall. While it’s still warm enough out to be outside and soak up the sun, many people begin to consider what are some smaller fall home improvement projects that can be done? Here are a few ideas.

Fall is the perfect time for fall gardening. Experts recommend planting six weeks before you expect the first frost in your area. Kale, broccoli, radishes, turnips, onions and carrots are some of the many vegetables that grow well in fall. Flowers that grow well include hardy mums, sunflowers, gazanias, and marigolds. Fall is also an idea time to plant bulbs for spring flowers. Tulips, daffodils, iris, hyacinth, and crocus are all common fall planting bulbs. In addition, fall is also a great time to divide perennials, remove dead annuals and clean the gardening tools. Aerating your lawn and even adding grass seed can make a big difference come spring.  

Another great fall improvement project is painting. The weather is generally less humid than spring and summer, and there’s still plenty of time to put a fresh new coat of paint on your house or garage. And as you’re packing away the deck furniture for winter storage, fall makes a great time to paint or stain the deck.

Cleaning your gutters is an essential fall maintenance activity. It’s vital to keep gutters and downspouts clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris before the snow and ice comes. Many people use this opportunity to install gutter guards so that there’s less of a problem next time.

Once you’re up in the gutters, it’s also a good time to check out the roof. Do any shingles need replacing? Are there any leaks? What about the area around the chimney?  Whether it’s a few minor shingle repairs or the whole roof it’s a good idea to take care of these sorts of projects before the snow and ice arrive.

Thinking about those winter heating bills? One easy fall improvement project you can do is to re-think your insulation. Experts say that improving the insulation in your attic will make a significant impact on your heating bills and is one of the easier places to install insulation. Blow-in insulation is one option for easy insulation and it’ll fill in every crack without leaving gaps. It’s also non-toxic, fire resistant, can add to the noise reduction in your home and even improves home resale value.

Other winterizing ideas include weather proofing your home. Adding adhesive weather stripping around the doors and windows and apply caulk in the little holes and gaps around your home can make a big difference in your heating bills. It’s also a good time to change from the window screens to storm windows.

Finally, before the snowy and icy weather begins, fall is an ideal time to repair the driveway. The temperature is steady and you don’t have remnants of snow and ice to contend with. Contractors might have more availability in the fall than they do in the spring and summer as well.

Whether you’re working in the yard, painting the house, or repairing the driveway, fall is a great time to get in a lot of home improvements that will prepare you and your family for a cozy and safe winter.

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