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Creating an Eco-Friendly Guest Room

If you are considering a little home decoration in relation to a new guest room, why not consider creating an eco-friendly one? An eco-friendly guest room can be fun and serve a grand purpose, as well. You can save money and save the environment while having a little fun all at the same time.

From floor to ceiling, you can create the eco-friendly guest room of your dreams using home decoration tips for going green.

Flooring Options

When it comes to flooring options, going green for your guest room should be an easy choice. Repurposed or reclaimed lumber is a great option for your new guest room floor. Lumber or timber taken from facilities such as an old factory or a barn that is then reused or repurposed for flooring in homes is a great way to recycle or reuse that lumber. Since a wood floor is essentially timeless, using repurposed wood lumber for your guestroom floor is a wise choice indeed, when it comes to home decoration for that room.

Other eco-friendly flooring options that are beautiful and inexpensive are bamboo and cork. As for carpeting, look for options that use all-natural fibers like cotton and which have little or no chemicals such as toxic adhesives. Carpets that utilize vegetable dye for their coloring and that are tacked down instead of glued down with toxic adhesives are great as well.

Walls and Ceilings

There are many options for eco-friendly home decoration to dress and adorn your walls and ceilings. Many folks are even utilizing cork on their walls as well as silk, cotton, and eco-friendly paints. Picture having a silk ceiling that slightly drapes a bit to create an elegant and regal style for your new guest room. Get creative and utilize newspaper or old photographs on your walls for décor with a backdrop of cork. Not only is this eco-friendly, it is decorative and stylish all at the same time.

Green Home Decorating Accessories

Once you have the foundation for your guest room, now it’s time to think about decorating accessories. You can find many eco-friendly bedding and furniture items in stores and online. For decorative accents, why not check out garage sales and flea markets where you can find beautiful decorative accents that can be recycled/reused, like glass bottles and jars for vases or old picture frames.

These finishing touches will add beauty and charm to your eco-friendly guest room, and who knows, your guests may just wind up staying a little longer than planned.

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