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Construction Trends Today

In past years giant bedrooms, hot tubs, or textured walls were all the rage, but today’s construction trends are heading in new directions. Here are a few of the hot trends in construction.

First: outdoor kitchens are booming. Whereas once upon a time, Dad flipped burgers on a charcoal grill while Mom baked inside, the new trend is to create a much more elaborate cooking setting, with everything you need to make a Thanksgiving-style dinner in the breezy comfort of your sunny back yard. Many outdoor kitchens go well beyond the standard kettle or even deluxe charcoal grill. Today’s outdoor kitchens may feature a stone lined outdoor grill – perhaps gas and/or charcoal, and maybe even include a smoker as well. The kitchens also feature a tile patio floor, a full-featured outdoor sink, and all the necessary appliances like a dishwasher, stove, fridge, beautiful cupboards and gleaming counters, and, of course, a lovely dining space. Many homes are also including a well-stocked bar, refrigerated wine storage and even a beer tap or two. While some households go very modern, with a full-on kitchen outside, others prefer a more rustic charm – an outdoor fireplace, cozy patio furniture and all the fixins’ for s’mores.

Green living is another big trend in construction. People are installing solar panels and considering green roofing materials as they build their homes. They’re using more fuel-efficient furnace and air-conditioning systems and installing better, healthier insulation to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Home improvement projects now include toxin-free paint, toxin-free carpet and flooring, with a big increase in demand for bamboo flooring or even bamboo homes. It’s increasingly popular to use recycled materials from everything to kitchen remodels – counters, backsplash and cabinets, to building up-cycled furniture from previously used items, up-cycled curtains and other household items.

A final trend in construction involves new kitchens and bathrooms. More and more, the kitchen is becoming a center point in a home. Kids do their homework and eat breakfast, parents might pay bills at a family desk, there’s a TV or Internet access, and, of course, cooking and storage. Today’s new kitchens must accommodate all of those tasks and still look stylish. Whether it’s a marble countertop or all new cabinets and a tin backsplash, there are all kinds of options out there and consumers are clamming for them. White is a popular color and stainless is considered a key color for those who want their kitchens to look timeless.

Updated bathrooms are also popular. Although white is always a popular color, homeowners are experimenting more with grays and tiles – subway tiles, glass tiles, and ceramic are all popular. New features in bathrooms include luxurious additions such as multi-head showers, steam showers, heated floors, designer lighting, remote controlled TV, stereo and even windows. Some are even adding a fireplace in a larger bathroom.

Construction trends are working toward fuel-efficient, green homes that are comfortable and luxurious. Whether it’s a new indoor kitchen or a gourmet outdoor kitchen, solar panels or a new bathroom there’s something for everyone in today’s new construction trends.

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