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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Countertops

The kitchen is the hub of activity in most homes. If yours is that way, then your first remodeling project may center on that area. Besides cabinets, homeowners are likely to consider changing out their countertops. Before making a final decision, weigh your options first. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing countertops.

Kitchen Uses

We don’t just eat in the kitchen; we socialize; we laugh, we cry and we feel comfortable. After many years in your home, the state of your kitchen may not reflect your style or its best. Changing the look of the countertops can dramatically transform this area of the house. It’s not a quick or easy decision. Everything that we like is not always a viable option for the home we live in.

What to Consider First

Before you put out any money, know what you are working with first.

  1. What space is available? – Measure the area that will be fitted. Check length, width and depth. Standard depth is about 25 inches. In home stores, most countertop materials are sold in linear feet not inches. Ask a sales associate to help you translate the measurements that you have taken into the measurements they use to accurately determine how much material you will need.
  2. Know your price limit – Certain materials are more expensive than others. It is easy to blow a budget and still not get all that you want. Decide how much you can spend and then see what materials are available in your price range. Nothing is set in stone. If you really like one material over another, wait until you can afford it or see where the budget can be adjusted.
  3. Know your preferences – Do you want countertops that won’t stain, chip or crack? What about the look of the finish? If you do a lot of cooking, a surface that will withstand high temperatures might be more desired than a stain proof one.
  4. The entire design – The countertops may be one part of the remodeling job. Choose a material and color that complements the rest of the kitchen.
  5. Investigate all materials – Granite is considered top of the line but it has its faults. For one, it has to be resealed twice a year to prevent stains. It can crack under too much pressure. Look at all the materials in your price range and then decide based on your needs and their drawbacks.
  6. Housing plans – Are you looking to sell your house in the future? That may influence your final choice of material. Consider which ones will add value to your home in the event that you decide to move out of the current residence.

Countertops are like the Cinderella of the kitchen. Replace yours with care.

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