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Benefits of Blow in Insulation

Many of us have seen the old fashioned pink insulation that lines the insides of our walls. But now there are lots of alternatives to that old itchy pink stuff. One excellent alternative is blow in insulation. Blow-in insulation is a compound made of fiberglass or cellulose that can be blown in to fit small cavities in your home using special pneumatic equipment. Although you can purchase blow-in insulation in many hardware stores and apply it yourself, many people prefer to hire a professional who uses a special machine.

Most of the energy people use in their homes is spent on heating and cooling. A well-insulated home has a constant temperature and is highly energy efficient, which will save you money in the long term. Because a well-insulated house is the most cost effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs, deciding which type of insulation to use is an important consideration for home owners. Here are some of the benefits of blow-in insulation.

Blow-in insulation is a great solution for many people looking to improve the insulation in their homes because of its very nature -- it has a tight fit. Unlike other alternatives that need to be cut to fit a particular space, blow-in insulation can fill in every crack and crevice, going anywhere you need it to go. Blow-in insulation can fill small holes without the need for removing walls and replacing drywall. This makes for much stronger and thorough insulation in your home and saves consumers the headaches of tearing apart their homes to install insulation.

This brings us to another benefit of blow-in insulation: it’s relatively mess-free. As mentioned previously, there’s no need to knock out walls during the installation process. In addition, there’s no cutting from giant rolls to fit a particular space. Blow-in insulation will not settle in your walls or move around -- once it’s in place it’s staying put. Because it has such a tight fit, blow-in insulation easily keeps moisture out. Too much moisture can render your insulation useless, so this is an important reason to consider blow-in insulation.

One surprise advantage of blow-in insulation: because it provides such a tightly filled insulation, it adds to noise reduction in your home. Whether you have noisy neighbors that like to mow the lawn in the wee hours of Saturday morning or you have a teenager who enjoys loud music late at night, blow-in insulation will protect your ears from excess noise.

If you’re wondering where in your home to install blow in-insulation to get the best return on your investment, experts recommend adding it to your attic. Considerable amounts of heat or air conditioning is lost through the attic, and its one of the least expensive places to insulate, so it makes for a great place to start with savings in mind.  

Blow-in insulation is fire resistant, which makes your home safer. It’s also non-toxic and made out of recycled materials, so it’s an environmentally friendly option. Blow-in insulation is highly energy efficient, saves money and is quick and easy to install. All of these benefits combine to add to the resale value of your home. When you consider all of these advantages, what’s not to like?

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