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All About Concrete Stamping

Although concrete stamping is nothing new, there seems to be new trends and ways of utilizing concrete stamping. Concrete stamping is something that you will typically see outside of businesses and corporations as you approach their offices. However, more and more homeowners today are getting on the bandwagon of concrete stamping.

Concrete stamping is a fun and easy way to add beauty to the exterior of your home. Best of all, concrete stamping has a way of making visitors do a double take as they walk up your driveway or sit out on your patio.

Quite simply, concrete stamping is the pouring out of cement in creation of a walkway or patio and setting designs or impressions into it before that cement is fully dry.

Traditionally, concrete stamping included a series of repeated patterns such as leaves, for example. Today’s concrete stamping is much more innovative.

Today’s concrete stamping involves utilizing the look and feel of many different textures such as seashells, brick, and cobblestone. Wood is also another innovative design recreated using concrete stamping.

You may ask why not just use those materials such as bricks and pavers to create your patio. One of the answers is that bricks and pavers may possibly deteriorate from the underlying level. Chips and cracks due to weather elements are also a concern for bricks and pavers. Another benefit to utilizing concrete stamping is the dreaded weed.

If you dislike weeds sneaking up through the cracks of your brick or paved patio, then concrete stamping is for you. The impression of cracks and separation lines that mimic bricks and pavers are simply that – only impressions. Those cracks do not go down to the surface. Concrete stamping involves a flat layer of concrete with no room for weeds to seep in and drive you crazy.

You can incorporate many textures, styles, and even colors into your concrete stamping project if you like. Concrete stamping is a bit less on the maintenance end of the spectrum, as compared to brick and pavers.

Typically, if you would like to incorporate concrete stamping into your next outdoor home improvement project, the best bet is to contact an outside contractor that specializes in concrete stamping. Have a professional show you all the different samples, textures, styles, and colors. It is a good idea to have them show you pictures of work done for other customers, as well.

Once you choose your style, colors, and texture, it is important to seal your concrete stamping. Speak to your professional as to how often to seal your new concrete stamping and how to
maintain it the best way possible.

Once you see how versatile concrete stamping is, you may never want to return to traditional brick or pavers again.

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