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Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

Can you picture yourself sitting in front of a warm fireplace during the cool fall and winter days? Now is the perfect time to add a fireplace to your home. You have the time to find the right fireplace for your home and get it installed before fall rolls around and brings cold weather with it.

Do you have space for a fireplace? While you can add a fireplace just about anywhere, it’s important to make sure you have the right space for your needs. For example, exterior walls are ideal because you can vent the gas or add a chimney without much effort. However, if you install a fireplace in the middle of a room then you’ll need to create a safe foundation and a means to vent it through your ceiling and roof.

What type of fireplace do you want? There are actually many different fireplace choices. You might choose a pellet stove, a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace. Some of the decision will be based on expectations and personal preferences. However, you might decide on a gas fireplace because it has fewer emissions or because you don’t have room to store pallets of wood.

What’s your budget? There are different factors to consider. In addition to purchasing the fireplace you’ll want to consider how much it will cost to install. If you have to make significant modifications to your home, then the cost may be more than you want to incur. Additionally there is the ongoing cost of purchasing wood to burn or paying a higher gas bill. Map out your budget and match it with your needs and desires before adding a fireplace to your home.

Think about safety. If you have small children you’ll want to take steps to protect them from getting burnt. And fireplaces shouldn’t be installed without first making sure that your home prepared for them. For example, you’ll have to protect the flooring by installing heatproof bricks or tile.

Finally, investigate the environmental implications of your fireplace options. Discover which type has the safest or fewest emissions. Investigate which uses the best fuel source. And take a look at your energy bills to determine if there’s a best option. For example, will a wood burning fireplace heat your home or will it pull heat from your home? Before adding a fireplace to your home consider what you want the fireplace to achieve and then make your decisions based on your needs and goals.

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