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A Guide to Exterior Windows and Doors

If your house is recently painted or the siding is in decent enough condition that it looks fresh and bright, you may want to consider going on to the next phase of home remodeling. That next phase would be windows and doors.

Curb appeal is extremely important in this day and age. With an economy that is staggering, and especially if you are considering selling your home, you need all the curb appeal that you can get.

Having said that, it is amazing how some new windows and doors can make a house appear entirely different and unique. Uniqueness is integral in trying to sell in today’s market. You want your buyer to stop and take a second look and above all, to remember your house above other homes similar to it on the market.

If on the other hand you wish to stay in your home and want that glorious feeling of coming when whenever you arrive home, then new doors and windows are a fairly inexpensive way to achieve that goal.

Another bonus of putting in new doors and windows is that it will be a selling point in the future.

There are several things to look for when purchasing exterior doors and windows.

•    Materials
•    Style
•    Selection
•    Color

When searching for materials, wood typically tends to be sturdy, heavy, and more traditional. Fiberglass has a more updated look and comes in a variety of colors to your liking. A fiberglass door is sturdy, energy efficient, and practical especially if you use your front door and only your front door.

Depending on the style of your home, traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, you can match your door to your home’s style.

As far as selection in color, you can certainly find almost any style and almost any color to paint your front door to your liking.

When purchasing exterior windows, you want to look for energy efficient windows and company that will back up the purchase of those windows for a long time. Seek out rebates and incentives from energy star rated companies to get the best bang for your dollar.

Seek out windows that have a low-E coating and argon gas between frames. This will provide beauty and durability as well as energy savings for you. Fiberglass window frames are also beneficial for all of the above reasons, as well.

When it comes to buying windows and doors, it is best to find a home store or contractor that is licensed and insured and purchase both doors and windows from the same company. You are more than likely going to save more money this way. It is also a nice benefit to have one company do two jobs at the same time.

When it comes to buying windows and doors, these days there are so many choices in style and color; however, there are just as many choices for durability and efficiency, as well.

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